Iris Newman Award

AWE established this award in honor of Iris Newman, a founder of AWE and a lifelong leader who made incredible impact for women entrepreneurs and as an entrepreneur herself. We present this award every year to a woman business leader who has demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing women, women’s entrepreneurship and especially women’s high-growth entrepreneurship.

The award recipient will exhibit exceptional strengths in most or all of the following areas:

  • Leadership in the entrepreneurial community
  • Commitment to mentoring and educating others
  • Impact innovating and improving opportunities for women in business
  • Trailblazing spirit in her respective field
  • Outstanding support of women entrepreneurs  

We also take this opportunity to celebrate the great successes achieved that year as we continue to move the needle for women high-growth entrepreneurs.

Past Recipients

2016    Denise Devine
2015    Donna DeCarolis
2014    Fran Pierce
2013    RoseAnn Rosenthal
2012    Barbara Schilberg
2011    Maria Maccecchini
2010    Maxine Ballen
2009    Kathy Crothall
2008    Lucinda Duncalfe Holt
2007    Jane Holmes Hollingsworth
2006    Kathleen Shay
2005    Brenda D. Gavin
2004    Gerianne DiPiano
2003    Geri Swift
2002    Irene Horstmann Hannan
The Original Iris Newman
Iris Newman was the consummate business leader. She played a pivotal role in AWE's development and was a mentor to many younger entrepreneurs throughout her career. She believed that helping to open the doors for others was not just a smart thing but the right thing to do.

She founded several brokerage firms and was the founder and CEO of Veritas Medical Services. Iris Newman left an indelible mark on not just women entrepreneurs but on the business community as a whole. The winners of The Iris Newman Award reflect her high level of commitment, energy, and desire to give something back.